5 steps you can take to move towards a plastic free future

5 steps you can take to move towards a plastic free future

Feb 21, 2020Ayesha Khan

A plastic free future isn’t just the responsibility of the big corporations around the world, it’s our job as well. In the larger debate, it is argued how individual use of plastic would not amount to anything but when you really think about it, it’s millions of people harboring the same thought; it’s millions of people using plastic and an individual act could change the way we see the future. Here is a list of 5 steps that you can take to achieve a plastic free future:

Step 1: Learn, Adapt, Share

When implementing change on such a big scale, it is important to remember that it begins at home. When taking this view on a plastic free future, it’s important to understand the importance of knowledge that strengthens one’s will to take initiative. The first step that you can take is educating yourself about the hazards of plastic use and, once you understand what you are really signing up for, alter the way that you live. Similarly, it also helps if you inform the people around you about the consequences of their action in order for you create greater impact. You win over one person and that’s one less plastic user who matters just as much as you do.

Step 2: Utilize Social Media

In the new age of communication, social media is the largest network that connects people around the world. With that being the case, we all have access to platforms where our voices and opinions can be heard by millions; use that power to get a positive message across and spread awareness about the hazards of using plastic.

Step 3: Switch To Muslin Bags

Plastic bags have been the norm for as long as we can remember; they’re used for shopping as well as storing items in the house. But these bags can easily be replaced by muslin bags that are reusable and cater to all your shopping and storage needs. Make that switch today!

Step 4: Avoid Using Single-Use Plastics At Restaurants

Restaurants are notorious for carelessly using plastic and we as customers are part of this crime. Ditch these containers when dining in or taking away from restaurants and use your own cutlery to minimize plastic wastage.

Step 5: Create A Revolutionary Wave

You maybe just one person but when hundreds of people come together it is movement. Use this power to push for legislation that bans plastic usage by as much as possible. Remember, it is all about creating impact!

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